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Masters of Public Health Track

Masters of Public Health Track

Doctor explaining treatment to patientSaint Joseph Family Medicine Residency has begun a four-year track to allow resident physicians to earn additional professional degrees during their tenure at SJHS. The resident will complete the required dually accredited curriculum for the residency while completing classes to fulfill the curriculum of their desired degree.

The program is partially funded by Saint Joseph Health System, and the first resident who took this opportunity was Laura Foudy, MD. Laura was enrolled in Loma Linda University School of Public Health. She earned an MPH degree that was available through a combination of online courses and time spent at the University. The degree Laura pursued allows health care professionals to enhance their careers with knowledge of issues such as biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, global health, nutrition, and health care policy.

The residency program looks forward to offering motivated residents the opportunity for other degrees, such as an MBA from local universities. If you have interest in the four-year professional degree track, please email Maria Rothy, Program Manager, at moc.cmrjs@yhtoR.airaM

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