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Global Health Track

The Saint Joseph Family Medicine Residency Program provides residents with the opportunity to pursue their interest in health care for medically underserved populations through our global health Track (GHT). This elective track gives residents a chance to serve others within the U.S. and abroad. We seek to foster respect and compassion for the underserved and different cultures.

The GHT pushes residents to expand clinical, diagnostic and management skills in environments with limited resources. The experience improves skills in manual and surgical procedures and expands the knowledge of travel medicine and public health. Depending on the site, residents may even gain familiarity treating tropical diseases.

SJHS’s program is one of the few global health tracks based at a community hospital where there are no other residency programs.

Elective Clinical Experience

Since established in 1990, residents and faculty have traveled to most continents in the world. Domestically, residents have worked at Indian Health Center sites and inner city clinics in the Continental U.S. and Alaska.

A great deal of flexibility is offered by the program. Residents may use two months of their elective time for GHT during their three years of residency. This time may be used in a single block or split into two separate blocks, and be as short as two weeks or as long as two months. In addition, substantial financial support is provided for each rotation.

Because SJHS does not maintain a specific relationship with a medical facility inside or outside the U.S., residents have a wide range of options to develop their own interests. Extensive resources are available to help residents plan their electives. Some residents choose to use their GHT elective time to attend tropical medicine or global health courses.

Seminars in Global Health

During the course of three years, residents take advantage of rotations and courses in global health and also learn about global health issues through didactic sessions. “Seminars in Global Health,” a presentation series, gives our residents this opportunity. Some of the presentation topics include: HIV/AIDS, TB, malnutrition, and health and human rights. In addition, residents are required to give a presentation after returning from their trips. The informal format of “Seminars in Global Health” allows for close interaction with the speaker and are open to residents and their significant others.

Dr. Kevin Ericson, Associate Director

Jessica Carney, MD, Resident

Asima Ali, PharmD, Resident

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