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Residency Programs

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center - Exterior image of facility

Residency Programs

Saint Joseph Health System Graduate Medical Education is fortunate enough to offer three exceptional Residency Programs, as well as specialty offerings, in Family Medicine, Pharmacy, and Podiatry.

The Family Medicine Residency Program of Saint Joseph Health System is one of the nation's first residency programs, having received its accreditation in 1971. Since then, the program has maintained full accreditation from the American Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). Furthermore, over 220 residents have graduated from the program, all of whom have become Board Certified following its completion.

The Family Medicine Residency Program seeks:

  • To provide quality training in the disciplines of Family Medicine
  • To impart the knowledge and skills necessary to allow a family practitioner to demonstrate competency in both clinical and procedural skills
  • To train in family-centered care that addresses the longitudinal health care needs of the residents' patients, focusing on comprehensive preventive health care
  • To provide residents an environment that fosters commitment to serving the community and providing care to the medically under-served
  • To foster a high level of professional behavior and to help residents balance their personal and professional lives in a way that ensures continued growth throughout their careers.
  • To provide a forum of scholarship through which motivated physicians can actively pursue medical knowledge
  • To develop in resident physicians the desire to maintain high-quality medical skills and clinical practices beyond their residency through continued medical education programs

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