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Life in South Bend

Life in South Bend

Stethescope on a tableSaint Joseph Health System's Family Medicine Residency Program is located in South Bend, Indiana. South Bend is currently the 3rd largest Indiana city with a population of 109,000. St. Joseph County as a whole boasts a population of 265,000.


Popular South Bend attractions include The University of Notre Dame campus, the College Football Hall of Fame, the East Race Waterway (one of America's only man-made kayak courses), the Studebaker automobile museum, Potawatomi Zoo, and the newly renovated downtown Morris Auditorium, which hosts travelling theater productions and concerts.


Because South Bend is a college town, it offers a wide variety of entertainment. Residents can choose from any number of restaurants (from Italian to Thai and most things in between), movie theaters, sports bars and dance clubs. The city attracts live entertainment acts as large as Elton John and B.B. King. Occasionally, residents will head off to Chicago for a weekend to catch a Cubs game or to Indianapolis for shopping, sports and entertainment.


For those who love the great outdoors, Potato Creek State Park, located 12 miles southwest of South Bend, offers camping, boating, hiking and fishing. There are also many parks within South Bend with facilities ranging from swimming pools to ice-skating rinks and sledding hills. The St. Joseph River is a great place to fish and watch the salmon come up the fish ladders. For bicyclists or runners, there is a path connecting St. Mary's, Notre Dame University, and ending at the Indiana University of South Bend Campus.

Set on the shore of Lake Michigan, St. Joseph, MI is an hour's drive from South Bend and boasts several of Michigan's most beautiful beaches and parks, quaint shops and year-around family and cultural events


Educational opportunities abound in South Bend. Universities include Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College (one of America's premier all-female liberal arts colleges,) Indiana University of South Bend, Bethel College, and Ivy Tech. Both public and parochial school systems exist at the primary and secondary level.


South Bend offers a variety of affordable housing options. Many of our residents, single and married, choose to buy homes in the South Bend area... whether they plan to stay beyond three years or not. Residents who decide not to buy homes have a large selection of apartments from which to choose.

South Bend is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family. For a cost of living comparison between your city and South Bend, click here. (

To learn more about the community around St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, we invite you to explore the links below.

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