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Trixy Franke

"I would recommend SJRMC Family Medicine Residency to anyone considering long term medical missionary work. The program has a long and successful history of sending residents on international medicine rotations. The support from faculty and other international health minded residents will be invaluable! The procedural skills I learned have served me well now that I'm a solo physician at a small maternal-child mission hospital in Cameroon. Every time I do a pelvic or OB ultrasound, I am thankful for the tutoring from faculty and specialists I received. Additional thanks for my training in c/sections, vacuum/forcep deliveries, high-risk OB, derm procedures, casting, joint injections, paracentesis, etc. Even though I didn't receive training, per se, in I.U.D and Implant placement, I have the basic skills and have been able to perform them without difficulty now. Stay posted for more stories from Africa as I continue working here over the next five years. If you want to do an international rotation here; you are most welcome!!!"

Trixy and Bill at Hospital

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