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Tablet slide - Dr. Weischhaus

Residency at Saint Joseph Health System

Program Director Dr. Martin Wieschhaus describes the benefits of residency with Saint Joseph's Graduate Medical Education program. Learn more

Family Medicine Residency Program

Developing skilled physicians through broad training, an expert faculty and comprehensive patient care experience. Learn more

Podiatric Residency Program

Offering residents direct hands-on training and advanced surgical experiences. Learn more

Pharmacy Residency Program

Growing forward-thinking pharmacists through multi-disciplinary training and the most up-to-date technology. Learn more

Sports Medicine Fellowship

Creating unique opportunities and greater futures for tomorrow’s sports medicine physicians. Learn more

Welcome to Saint Joseph Graduate Medical Education

As host to three residency programs for practitioners from medical, podiatric, and pharmacy schools, Saint Joseph Health System offers advanced clinical training in an environment optimized for independent advancement and collaborative learning. Each program offers its trainees unopposed access to patients while having ideal collaborators available through the other residencies. This collaboration mimics the skills new physicians and practitioners will need to thrive in the future healthcare environment. Through this we offer technological advancement, clinical excellence, and value-based care to our patients and state-of-the-art training to our residents.

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